Craft School

The vision of Cloverdale Craft School is to offer a place where one can experience, learn, appreciate and develop skills in a non-competitive, supportive environment. Individual expression and social interaction as part of a community are encouraged through music, art, crafts, gardening, cooking and dance.

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2015 Craftschool Schedule:

Most classes run from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, unless otherwise noted. Lunch is included.

August 8 & 9, 2015     FULL

  • Basic Blacksmithing ($240, $30 materials fee) – Matt Jenkins

August 15 & 16, 2015  FULL

  • Basic Blacksmithing ($240, $30 materials fee) – Matt Jenkins

By appointment:

  •    Blacksmith Studio Time ($50/4hrs, 8am-noon or 1pm-5pm, $15 minimum materials fee) – Matt Jenkins supervising

Please email to register your interest in a class. Deposit required through PayPal to secure a class spot. Balance of course fee to be paid on first day of class.

Cancellation Policy: Payment refundable with  cancellation in writing up to 1 week prior to course date, less $20 administration fee. Cancellations less than 1 week prior to arrival date are non-refundable. If course does not proceed, course fee will be refunded with no administration fee charged.

B&B is available for the Saturday night for a limited number of guests.  Please click here for B&B rates. Please see map for location or Contact us for more information.

Classes and Instructors:

We are affiliated with many talented artists and crafts people. If you have a particular craft in mind, please let us know. We cater to a minimum of 4 people to run a class, so get your friends together for a wonderful weekend at Cloverdale Farm!

Basic Blacksmithing: A one-on-one basic blacksmithing course teaching students the fundamental skills in producing personal, metal art pieces. You will learn hammer control, fire building, metal temperature control & colour recognition, drawing out the steel and shaping. There are 4 projects planned over the weekend, 1 of which will be of the student’s own design.

Course Instructor: Matthew Jenkins is an engineer and award-winning Manitoba blacksmith, dedicated to the study of traditional methods of metal and wood construction.  He has received an Honourable Mention in the 2009 World Forging Championships in Italy, instructed at the John C. Campbell Craft School in North Carolina, and is a Director on the Board of the Manitoba Crafts Council. Matt was the Blacksmith at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site as well as annually attends the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg and teaches at Cloverdale Craft School.

Matt encourages creativity and enjoys teaching people traditional construction techniques, building on solid technical foundations while inspiring imagination.

Bead Art: An introduction class to beading with seed beads. Over the weekend, 2 projects will be completed. You will explore making straight lines, circles and create your own designs. Also covered will be beading patterns, their use and materials supply locations. Beading needles, thread and materials for the projects will be supplied. Additional beads will be made available. This is an exploring class, no experience required.


Fringe Bag: The weekend will result in a fully lined fringe bag You will learn to design and make your own bag. Beading and sewing techniques will produce a unique project. The bag may be beaded or plain, Beginning students will learn to bead on a separate piece of suede. There will be sufficient time to bead on the bag if so desired.


Course Instructor: Amber Cook ( has been a full time self-employed leather fabricator and designer of handmade wearable good for over 10 years.  She began teaching her leather fabrication classes 5 years ago in small in-home classes and now teaches classes through Continuing Education Programs.  She has experience in teaching classes in making moccasins, mukluks, gauntlets, wraps, boots, hats, and more.

Hardwood Paddle Making: Make a paddle with mainly traditional hand tools from a rough solid hardwood blank. Instructor, Mark Blieske will lead you through the methods to develop skills to construct a beautiful, functional, custom paddle. Lessons will include:  understanding paddle design and function, and the use of a family of planes and shaves needed to complete a hand made paddle. The final result will be your creation of a custom made paddle along with learning the skills and knowledge to make another paddle to match.

Course Instructor: Mark Blieske Mark has been making paddles for over 40 years, but he has also been using those paddles for 40 years as a canoe tripper and national flat water instructor. The paddles he designs and builds are not just a thing of beauty, but they are state of the art in function. He is a retired woodworking teacher of 36 years, where he also ran a canoe club. in It was a prerequisite for students to make a paddle to be a member of the canoe trip. Mark is now a wilderness canoe tripping guide and flat water instructor for Red River Outfitters . He also has a small company called Sunset Paddles, where he makes custom paddles and canoe parts to fit the needs of any canoe trippers. Mark loves to teach , especially when it comes to anything to do with his passion of canoeing

Introduction to Personal Story Telling: Human beings are wired to think in stories. Our understanding of time, space and our own identity are all tied to the stories we tell ourselves and others.  This course will help participants discover and work with their inner storyteller.  Marc Kuly will guide students to find, develop and tell stories drawn from their own life.  Applications of personal storytelling for family, workplace, education and entertainment will be explored within the course. Students will leave the course having developed their creativity, confidence and capacity for self-reflection.

Course Instructor:  Marc Kuly is a teacher and storyteller who works in Winnipeg School Division’s Inner City District Professional Learning Centre. His career in education began as an interpreter at Lower Fort Garry National Historic site and it has lead him to study and teach folklore, social studies and storytelling from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, B.C.  As a result of his work with the Many Voices, One World Intercultural Storytelling Program at Gordon Bell High School Marc was awarded the 2008 Above and Beyond Award for Arts Education. His work was featured in the Gemini Award winning 2008 documentary, “The Storytelling Class” (Sedna Films).

Natural Fabric Dyeing:   In this workshop, students will learn Shibori resist dying techniques while also learning the basics of natural dyes, including indigo as well as other natural dyes requiring heat. Students will learn about mordants and sustainably harvesting plants in their own back yard!

Course Instructor: Kelly Ruth ( is a Winnipeg artist.  Having spent a decade employed as the dyer/painter for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s wardrobe department, and through working alongside many world-class artists during this period she learned much of what she has applied to her career as a painter and textile artist. She has taught at Cloverdale Craft School in Manitoba and at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Currently her focus is on using natural dyes and growing dye producing plants.

Needle Felting: This class runs as two half-day workshops.

Saturday AM – Needlefelt Sculpture Workshop
Create your own delightful cat or dog out of wool! In this class you will learn how to use the felting needle to form loose fleece into three dimensional sculptures. You will start with a wire armature, and end up with a unique animal with posable limbs and tail. The fleece provided is from the “Leafhaven” flock of purebred Shetland sheep, in a range of natural colours and a few dyed shades for accents.

Sunday PM – ‘Painting with Fleece’

Explore texture, colour and design in a whole new way through the art of needlefelting. The technique is simple – strands of coloured fleece are applied to a woollen fabric background using a special barbed needle – but the possibilities are endless. Linda will provide a choice of designs as inspiration for the picture you will create in this class. Your new skills can be used to decorate clothing and accessories, to embellish quilts, and to create your own unique fibre art.

Course Instructor:  Linda Glowacki is a passionate artist from a young age and has worked in oils, watercolor, acrylics, pastel, conte crayon, pencil, and pen and ink; she has also dabbled in sculpting clay and carving wood. After Acquiring purebred Shetland Sheep, she began to experiment with felting. The depth and textures of the resulting hand-made felts were an inspiration: each felt is a highly individual ‘canvas’. When enhanced with needle-felted images, the spirit as well as substance of each subject is captured with a vibrancy difficult to achieve on canvas alone. Each work of fibre art is a delight not only to the eye, but to the fingertips. Linda’s designs flow with the natural textures and colors of the hand-made felt canvas, and lends a truly unique vision to the work.

Linda has taught needle felting classes for the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, the Assiniboine Park Conservancy, Wolseley Wool, and for many classes organized by Cloverleaf Art and Fibre, the business she shares with Margaret Brook, co-owner of the sheep flock.

Moccasin Making: In this class students will be led in creating a pair of moccasins, including basic beading , sewing and finishing techniques.  Amber will also cover construction of multiple moccasin variations.  Students will receive a package of materials required to complete one pair of moccasins and written instructions to guide their learning and for future reference as well as materials sourcing information so students can continue to hone their skills and creativity after the class.  All required tools and equipment will be provided.  This is an introductory level class, no experience required.

Introduction to bead making on the torch:  Students will learn to use a single fuel torch to melt glass and experiment with a variety of tools to shape the hot glass. From here students will be instructed in using metal mandrels to wind the molten glass and create beads of all different shapes and colors.  Brook will also cover safety and set up, color application and decoration techniques such as dots, raking, stringer, and fritts. In addition other glass techniques will be reviewed and compared. Bead cleaning techniques and some finishing and jewelry design will also be covered.

Course Instructor: Brook Drabot is a Winnipeg-based glass artist with experience in lamp working, kiln casting, blowing, mold making, cold working, laminating, jewelry construction. Her work has been showcased in a solo exhibit and glass lamination workshop this summer – Laminations in Nature in Wasagaming MB.  Brooks work is available at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop and she participates annually in the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s handmade village.   Her involvement in the Winnipeg arts community ranges from facilitating young artists programs to mentoring work and instructing.

Handmade Paper : Using the paper making kit developed by Doreen, students will learn to make sheets of paper using embellishments like dried flowers, seeds, leaves, threads, etc.  Colour variation will also be examined (using natural additives like spices and incorporating coloured paper).

On the second day of the class, students will use their handmade paper to construct cards. Embossing techniques and layering will be taught.  Cards for special occasions (like weddings, Christmas, etc.) can be made as well.

Students are asked to bring any special materials they may want to incorporate into their paper as well as their enthusiasm!

Course Instructor: Doreen Peloquin is a retired kindergarten teacher who started making paper about 13 years ago.  She works in all aspects of the craft, from sourcing unique materials to making the paper and transforming her handmade paper into beautiful cards and paper accessories.

Traditional Inuit Mitten making:  This course will cover the basics of Inuit mitten making, including pattern making, sewing, and decoration. The incredible warmth, diversity, and beauty of Inuit clothing will be discussed through a “hands-on” exploration of mittens from all over the Canadian Arctic. Participants will learn how to work with various materials and styles of patterns and decoration to produce a beautiful pair of mittens by the end of the workshop.

Students are encouraged to find their own mitten materials at the thrift store. Anything from old sweaters and wool blankets to beautiful fur coats can work.  The class will take the lead of the materials brought by students to learn how to work with all kinds of materials to make beautiful, unique, and 100% up-cycled clothing at a very low cost.

Course Instructors: Sarah Freeborn and Ameena Bajer-Koulack met 2 years ago in an Arctic geography course at the University of Manitoba, where they first learned about the incredible practical and cultural value of Inuit skin clothing, and discovered a mutual love of traditional handicrafts. Since then, they have learned how to sew their own skin clothing, and participated in workshops on traditional Inuit kamik (skin boot) and mitten making. Their collective crafting experience covers knitting, finger weaving, beadwork, and the sewing of traditional Inuit kamiks and mittens. Sarah and Ameena both love teaching, and look forward to sharing their skills and knowledge with the Cloverdale community.

Dress Form Workshop: Re-create your body in paper! This 2-day workshop is simply the best investment you can make toward your sewing projects.  On the first day, students will work in groups of three to construct their dress forms.  The group approach will allow each student to complete all steps in the dress form creation process.  With Jan’s guidance, the members of the group will take turns making forms for each other.

The second day of the workshop will be focussed on completing the finishing details for the form and will also include demonstration of the various ways to use your new dress form. Students will come away from this workshop with their very own dress form – a most valuable sewing and design tool – tailor-made for their very own body.

Course Instructor:  Jan Bones ( has designed regular and plus sized patterns for her pattern company, “Lingerie Secrets” since 1995. She also produces sewing DVD’s, writes sewing books and works as a design consultant. Jan travels extensively across Canada and the United States teaching seminars and classes to share her methods for creating beautiful Lingerie. She teaches pattern drafting and fitting classes.  Dress Forms are another passion, and there are over 1000 dress forms in sewing spaces all over Canada and the US that have been made in one of Jan’s workshops.  At home in Winnipeg, Jan taught pattern making, garment construction and fitting at the University of Manitoba for over 30 years and now teaches part time at Red River College and MC College.





Please email  or phone 204-482-4853204-482-4853 , toll free 1-866-341-48271-866-341-4827 to register your interest. Deposit required through PayPal to secure a class spot. Balance of course fee to be paid on first day of class.







Cancellation Policy: Payment refundable with  cancellation in writing up to 1 week prior to course date, less $20 administration fee. Cancellations, less than 1 week prior to arrival date are non-refundable. If course does not proceed, course fee will be refunded with no administration fee charged.

B&B also available for the Saturday night.  Please see map for location or Contact us for more information. Please click here for B&B rates.


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